Thursday, November 16, 2017

Welcome to The Polymath

The Polymath will be a general weekly PDF magazine publishing analysis and commentary at the highest level of intellectual sophistication.
The Editorial Policy is simple.  We are non-partisan, placing rigorous analysis above ideology.  We aggressively guard against confirmation bias.  We publish articles whose conclusions are contrary to what is published in the more partisan publications, since there is little use in restating what has already been stated.
Of course, no publication can be completely free of ideological perspective.  However, we assert that within the Liberal and Conservative communities as well as outside of either, there are several visions that deserve to be manifested in sovereign communities.  Therefore, we favor none of them but favor the devolution of large Industrial Age nation states into many values based Microstates.
We believe that no person should be required to live under a body of laws, programs and policies that they consider fundamentally unjust.  Therefore, we believe the only universal ethical principle is the right to move freely to the community of their choice.

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