About The Polymath

The Polymath is a weekly PDF news magazine that publishes non-partisan analysis and commentary at the very highest level of intellectual sophistication.  It is the official publication of Polymathica, a global community of refinement and erudition.  Both membership in Polymathica and subscription to The Polymath are free of charge.  We expect both subscriptions and membership to reach 4-6 million within three years.

Ultimately, The Polymath will publish four to eight feature articles per week, several regular opinion columns and an 'essential links of the week' section.  After publication, articles will be placed in a searchable archive with SEO, author moderated comments and share functions.

In addition to our commitment to the highest level of intellectual sophistication, we have an unwavering commitment to nonpartisan, objective analysis.  We are neither a publication of the Right nor the Left.  In international affairs we take the side of the evidence rather than a national or alliance perspective.

The Polymath will also regularly publish two bi-monthly supplements, Polymathic Lifestyles and Business & Investing.  Polymathic Lifestyles will contain articles on the finely crafted life and reviews of books, music, games, videos, etc. that are not well known but of particular interest to The Polymath subscribers.  Business and Investing will contain articles pertinent to operating or funding start-ups in the Polymathica Enterprise Networks.

When we are sufficiently established we will also create a social media site for Polymathicans which will be the primary platform for building the online presence for Polymathica a community of refinement and erudition and a nascent Information Age 'Culture of Affluence.'

The Polymath successfully undertook a Kickstarter campaign that netted a little over $2,750.  We are now using the two most successful reward levels, a $50 prepaid ad and a lifetime membership to The Polymathic Institute for additional funding.  Currently, we are publishing periodic updates and links to some prelaunch articles.  Our current planned launch date is 05/12/2018.

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