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The Polymath, like all startups, will require some initial capitalization.  In our case, the use of proceeds will be primarily for building circulation, however, some will be used to fund prelaunch operations. It is our intent to be immediately profitable upon launch, with investment in circulation limited to cash flow.  So there should be no need to fund losses.

We are using an innovative capitalization (crowdfunding) method that will provide significant flexibility for both The Polymath (Polymathica Publishing) and its investors.  It will involve the issuance of 1/12 page in-line ads that, at the investor's discretion, may be used at a future date, sold or converted to equity shares.  There will be no initial securities restrictions and there will be immediate liquidity.  The investor may convert to equity when local regulations allow it.

The value of a prepaid ad will be determined by circulation with an assumed value of 4USD CPM.  At our year three circulation goal of 4.2 million, their projected value will be $12,800.

An ad can be converted to 100 shares of Polymathica Publishing.  We anticipate that at 4.2 million circulation, EPS will be about $5 and and a share value at $126 parity will require a PE of about 25:1.  

Obviously, one would expect the prepaid ad to be more stable, however, the equity would allow the investor to participate in other projects, thus, potentially enjoying even greater appreciation.  For example, we are interested in developing a companion lifestyle and leisure online magazine entitled, 'The Finely Crafted Life'.  This would not benefit holders of prepaid ads, but would benefit shareholders.

Currently our intent is to offer three phases of prepaid ad sales, each offering 2,000 ads, convertible to 200,000 shares.  The first phase is being offered at $50 per ad in blocks of 60 ads.  This projects at a value of $12,800 in three years or an annual return of 532%.  Obviously, investment at this stage is very speculative and should only be purchased by those who can afford to lose the full investmentm

Upon launch, we will have circulation of 150K and a prepaid ad will likely sell for $600.  This will be our Phase Two price and we will offer another 2,000 ads at this price.  The other investment will be less speculative and consequently over 2½
years is projected to return about 279%.  

When circulation reaches 500,000 we may or may not offer a Phase Three with prepaid ads costing $2,400.  It is quite possible that it will prove to be unnecessary.  Or, conversely, we may be in a position to do an IPO.

Phase One will provide $100,000 of funding.  Use of proceeds will be as follows:

Build Subscriptions   $60,000
Fund Operations         $30,000
Sell ads                           $10,000

Phase One has 30 blocks of 60 ads left at $3,000 each.  If you are interested in purchasing one or more, please contact us at

Until we have built our Affiliate network, we will offer prepaid ads individually.  We strongly suggest that those with sufficient resources acquire at least one ad, since, in the future, in addition to the opportunity for substantial capital appreciation, equity holders will receive additional exclusive benefits.

For an undetermined period of time, those who purchase 7 ads ($350) will also be offered lifetime membership at no cost.

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  1. Is this just for printing magazines and books?

    I want you to build the first orbital colony with +100,000 inhabitants. Maybe discover a new kind of energetic field emitted by electrified, metallo-doped graphene. How about an ion engine with a high specific impulse or maybe even a warp drive? I may not be qualified for that stuff, I need better people do the important stuff I can't.

  2. "How about an ion engine with a high specific impulse or maybe even a warp drive"

    How about it indeed?It is nice to speculate about concepts like uses for "metallo-doped graphene","warp drives" or indeed even "wormholes".

    You also say "I need better people to do important stuff I can't" as "I may not be qualified for that stuff"

    I am not sure if you are fascinated by science and technology or simply by the prospect of making a lot of money while leaving all the real work to people who understand science and technology.

    Of course it is possible to make a lot of money in the science-technology field if you have a good business sense like the late Steve Jobs, Bill Gates , Elon Musk,Mark Zuckerberg and so on to name a few. However you will note that Bill Gates , Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg knew a lot about computer software before they launched their businesses.The fact that these three gentlemen dropped out of university should not delude you into thinking they did not know much about computer software and merely "needed better people to do the important stuff.

    Elon Musk is also a "university dropout" in a manner of speaking. Well he has Economics and Physics degrees which he got before proceeding to Stanford where he dropped out of their Physics PhD program. So, clearly , Elon Musk is not your run of the mill "dropout". He clearly knows his stuff and does not really "need better people to do important stuff that he can't".Given his training and background he can relate to scientists as "peers" and also knows how to run a business.

    Do you think you have all the qualities I have mentioned?If not maybe you can try to acquire the skills and knowledge that you would need to run a successful , multibillion dollar science and technology business.If you do have the necessary skills and knowledge , you should not be making statements like "I may not be qualified for that stuff".